Feb 21, 2018

Medtronic Introduces MiniMed(TM) Mio(TM) Advance Infusion Set for People with Diabetes

New Infusion Set Offers Simpler, Faster, and More Convenient1 Insulin Pump Experience

DUBLIN - February 21, 2018 - Medtronic plc (NYSE:MDT), the global leader in medical technology, services and solutions, today introduced the MiniMed(TM) Mio(TM) Advance infusion set. The MiniMed...

DUBLIN - February 21, 2018 - Medtronic plc (NYSE:MDT), the global leader in medical technology, services and solutions, today introduced the MiniMed(TM) Mio(TM) Advance infusion set. The MiniMed Mio Advance infusion set is the newest addition to the MiniMed portfolio of infusion sets and gives patients a simpler, faster and more convenient set change with fewer steps1,2. The new infusion set will first be available in select countries around the world with plans to expand availability over time.

For people using insulin pump therapy, the MiniMed Mio Advance infusion set has:

  • A simpler and faster set changewith fewer steps1,2.
  • A user-friendly design that allows for one-handed insertion and flexibility to access hard-to-reach sites1 such as the lower back.
  • No visible needle to reduce the hassle of dealing with needles.
  • A built-in insertion device (called "serter") to ensure consistent insertion force.

For healthcare professionals, benefits of the MiniMed Mio Advance infusion set include:

  • A simple insertion process allowing for easier and faster training and less troubleshooting3.
  • Easier insertion in hard-to-reach sites1, allowing customers to rotate their sites more for good skin health and insulin absorption4.
  • No visible needle allowing for a more convenient insertion5.

To insert the MiniMed Mio Advance infusion set, customers simply peel the adhesive, pinch and remove the disconnect cover, place the set on their desired insertion site and press the button to insert the infusion set.

"Early feedback on the Mio Advance infusion set has been fantastic," said Annette Brüls, president, Diabetes Service and Solutions at Medtronic. "Our goal is to continuously improve and innovate on core technologies to help people with diabetes continue to experience greater freedom and better health. We are excited to leverage the MiniMed Mio Advance as a platform for future infusion set innovations."

"We are very excited to launch this innovative new product with Medtronic Diabetes," said John M. Lindskog, president of Infusion Devices at ConvaTec. Unomedical, a ConvaTec company, is the manufacturer and developed the technology. "Ensuring patient access to the latest technology through one of the world's largest insulin pump manufacturers is instrumental to the product's success, and helps to further strengthen our partnership."

The MiniMed Mio Advance infusion set launched in select countries in Medtronic's fiscal year 2018 third quarter (November 2017 - January 2018) as part of an initial product introduction period. During this period, more than 200 customers were introduced to the MiniMed Mio Advance infusion set and tested it out for themselves. Of the number of subjects that participated, more than 85 percent of users thought the MiniMed Mio Advance infusion set was better than their previous infusion set5 and were satisfied with their experience5.

The MiniMed Mio Advance infusion set will be made commercially available in Canada, Hong Kong and certain countries in Europe in Medtronic's fiscal year 2018 fourth quarter (February 2018 - April 2018) with expanded availability to other countries later in the year.

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