Mar 14, 2022

Expanded patient access for diabetes technology around the world to help simplify diabetes management

Medtronic plc, a global leader in healthcare technology, today announced that reimbursement for continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), a key diabetes technology has been recently expanded or initiated in several countries throughout North and South America. CGM systems provide critical information on glucose levels to help simplify the management of diabetes. Automated insulin pump system reimbursement has progressed in Europe as well.

"It’s encouraging to see an increase in diabetes technology gaining reimbursement around the world," said Jeff Farkas, Vice President of Health Economics, Reimbursement, and Government Affairs for the Diabetes business at Medtronic. "We want people living with diabetes to have access to the therapies that best meet their diabetes management needs. Making it easier for people to get diabetes management technology helps improve control of this challenging disease and helps people live with less everyday worry about a chronic condition."

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The MiniMed 770G insulin pump system uses sensors which are now covered by U.S. Medicare.


In March 2022, the Ontario provincial government announced a comprehensive reimbursement program for continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) for eligible residents living with type 1 diabetes. This follows the February 2022 announcement from the Alberta provincial government about a similar program for people living with type 1 diabetes under the age of 18.


In December 2021, the Colombian health benefit plan was updated for the year 2022 to include CGM. This update improves and simplifies access to patients, as reimbursement is no longer limited to approvals that were previously made on a case-by-case basis.

United States

In December 2021, the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced an expansion of Medicare coverage for all types of continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), including adjunctive and non-adjunctive CGMs. This includes CGMs that integrate with Medtronic insulin pumps. The updated rule went into effect on February 28, 2022, and U.S. customers can learn more here.


In the past months, automated insulin pump system reimbursement has increased in Europe as well. Sweden began reimbursing for the new Guardian™ 4 sensor used with MiniMed™ 780G system1. Croatia is now fully reimbursing for the MiniMed 640G system with no limitations and reimburses for the MiniMed 780G system with a copayment. Finally, Estonia started reimbursement for the MiniMed 780G system for people under the age of 19.

About Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

CGM systems track glucose levels, every few minutes, 24/7 through a tiny sensor inserted under the skin using an automatic inserter in a location on the body as indicated in the product labeling. The sensor measures interstitial glucose level, which is the glucose found in the fluid between cells. CGM therapy can be used with or without an insulin pump.

About the Diabetes Business at Medtronic (

Medtronic is working together with the global community to change the way people manage diabetes. The company aims to transform diabetes care by expanding access, integrating care and improving outcomes, so people living with diabetes can enjoy greater freedom and better health.


Pamela Reese
Public Relations

1 The MiniMed™780G pump and new CGM are under FDA and Health Canada review and not currently for sale in the U.S. and Canada.