Apr 10, 2024

Medtronic unveils the future of AI in GI: Genius Summit 2024 reveals innovations and collaborations that advance endoscopic care

AI-driven solutions and strategic alliances showcase Medtronic's promise to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of endoscopy DUBLIN, April 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Medtronic plc (NYSE: MDT),...

AI-driven solutions and strategic alliances showcase Medtronic's promise to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of endoscopy

DUBLIN, April 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Medtronic plc (NYSE: MDT), a global leader in healthcare technology, announced the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) for endoscopic care by unveiling ColonPRO™, the latest generation software for the GI Genius™ intelligent endoscopy system, along with a strategic collaboration designed to enhance patient care.

GI Genius™ was the first commercially available computer-aided detection (CADe) system used AI to identify colorectal polyps. Its significant impact has been well researched with more than 30 academic and real-world publications across a combined total of 23,000+ patients.1 Based on the current global install base, the GI Genius™ system has the potential to impact 2.7 million patients annually.2 Now, with the launch of ColonPRO™ software, the GI Genius™ system takes a significant leap forward in AI-driven polyp detection by introducing an enhanced algorithm, supported by a dataset that is double the size of the previous one, resulting in a notable improvement in its detection capabilities. Specifically, there's been a 9% reduction in false positives.3 Additionally, the system now incorporates a new feature that provides procedural highlights;3 an important milestone in its ability to automate physicians' workflow, reduce administrative burdens in documentation, and pave the way for future integration with electronic health records. The update also provides user interface enhancements to support the development of third-party applications through the AI Access™ platform, introduced at last year's Genius Summit.

Medtronic also announced its collaboration with Modernizing Medicine® (ModMed), a pioneer in healthcare technology and Electronic Health Records (EHR), further emphasizing its commitment to a synergistic approach to the future of endoscopic care. ModMed's gGastro® EHR software is complementary to the GI Genius™ system, offering robust documentation solutions.

"Through our collaboration with ModMed, we can continue to help gastroenterologists achieve greater efficiency by streamlining workflows and leveraging augmented decision-making, freeing up valuable time for patient care," said Raj Thomas, president of the Endoscopy business, which is part of the Medical Surgical Portfolio at Medtronic. "We are committed to working with industry leaders and focusing on where we can best offer innovation, addressing unmet clinical needs and elevating the standard of care."  

The companies will begin testing out new capabilities for future integration, moving closer to their shared vision of enabling gGastro® EHR software to receive real-time, AI-generated data from the GI Genius™ system, making the documentation process more efficient and enabling physicians to spend more of their time on patient care.  

"This is a true game changer for physicians — it represents precisely how physicians want AI technologies implemented and it will allow us to focus our energy on thinking about the patient and providing the best care possible," said Dr. Jason Sugar, Gastroenterology Team Lead at ModMed.

Medtronic's announcements at the Genius Summit underscore its dedication to advancing colorectal cancer care with AI innovations and strategic collaborations. Medtronic remains at the forefront of delivering solutions that address the needs of patients and physicians alike.  

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