Oct 23, 2023

9 benefits Medtronic offers to support you and your loved ones

What makes a company great? We believe it starts with our people

What makes a company great? At Medtronic, we believe is starts with our people. That’s why we offer benefits that help employees — and those who matter most to them.

Benefits vary based on where in the world employees live, but here’s a sampling of those we offer U.S. employees to take care of their whole selves, both in and outside of work:

1. Paid time off to focus on those who matter most

Families are important and, sometimes, they need our full attention. To support work/life flexibility and provide peace of mind, our global Family Care Leave makes it possible to step away from work without worrying about your income. Birthing mothers in the U.S. can take up to 24 weeks of paid time off and eligible employees can take up to six weeks away from work at 100% pay for a variety of family situations, including adoption, and family illness.

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2. Fertility and family-building care

Everyone should have access to family-building care. That’s why Medtronic partners with Kindbody, a fertility and wellness clinic with locations across the United States. Employees can receive three fertility cycles, including medication, in addition to nutrition and mental health support, 24/7 virtual care, and a dedicated Care Navigation Team.

3. Financial help to grow your family

Medtronic helps cover certain expenses associated with employees growing their families, whether it’s by adoption, donor, or surrogacy. Employees can be reimbursed for eligible expenses of up to $25,000 per child, and a lifetime maximum of $50,000 per employee for things like legal costs, donor matching costs, and medical bills. 

4. Caregiving support for yourself or a family member

Navigating complex care needs can be tricky. Through Wellthy, your family is matched with a care coordinator to help reduce stress and manage care for yourself or a loved one. That could look like streamlined communication between family members, evaluating insurance options, or leaning on an expert to advocate for your loved one.

5. Confidential mental healthcare at your fingertips

Getting emotional support to tackle some of life’s challenges shouldn’t be daunting and with a Ginger coach, it can be as easy as texting with a friend. Employees and their family members (age 18+) can access the Ginger app for help with anything from stress and depression to issues with work and relationships — all confidentially. This well-being component includes trained behavioral health coaches, licensed therapists and psychiatrists, and clinically validated resources.

6. Support for Black and LGBTQ+ healthcare needs

The Medtronic commitment to creating an inclusive culture extends to the benefits program. Included Health offers culturally competent care to Black and LGBTQ+ employees. Medtronic also offers coverage for hormone therapy, gender affirming surgery, and other gender support services.

7. Work from anywhere — seriously!

Have you yearned for a change of scenery while you work, or wished you were near family following the birth of a grandchild? Our Four Weeks from Anywhere benefit is an opportunity for employees to do just that. This benefit is available for employees who work remotely or flex time in the office and at home.

8. Backup care for loved ones

For as much as we spend scheduling our days, sometimes things just don’t go to plan. Bright Horizons Back-Up CareTM provides care for loved ones when there’s a lapse in normal care arrangements such as a school closing. This benefit gives employees access to a nationwide network of licensed childcare centers and in-home caregivers for infants, elderly family members, and everyone in between. 

9. Traveling for work? Ship breastmilk home

Working with a little one at home can be a roller coaster of emotions, but Medtronic has options in place to support its employees. For nursing parents required to travel for work, we cover reasonable costs to express ship breastmilk home. There are many options to ship milk home, including Milk Stork, which enables parents to ship milk from anywhere in the world.

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