Feb 6, 2024

Hall of Fame Health, Medtronic to expand access to neurosurgical and spinal care for former athletes, veterans, and their families

FEBRUARY 6, 2024 – Hall of Fame Health and the Cranial and Spinal Technologies business of Medtronic, a global medical technology leader, today are announcing a partnership to advance health...

FEBRUARY 6, 2024 – Hall of Fame Health and the Cranial and Spinal Technologies business of Medtronic, a global medical technology leader, today are announcing a partnership to advance health equity and expand access to premier care for back and neck pain, as well as spinal and neurological conditions. This partnership will improve access to care for former professional football players, in addition to U.S. veterans and each group’s families. Hall of Fame Health will establish Spine Elite Care Centers nationwide, by leveraging Medtronic’s expertise in neurosurgical and spinal technology and deep connections with top-tier healthcare providers in these specialties. 

Through the partnership, Hall of Fame Health will selectively join with surgeons and facilities across the United States that demonstrate leading clinical outcomes in spinal care. Those locations will be certified as Spine Elite Care Centers, ensuring these advances in care are available to all communities nationwide.

“Our mission has always been to provide world-class healthcare solutions and services for all persons associated with the game of football,” said Jeremy Hogue, CEO of Hall of Fame Health. “Since inception, we have expanded our ability to reach those in need through our partners Pro Football Retired Players Association and the Off the Field NFL Wives Association, to reach those directly impacting players' lives. And through our partnership with the Special Forces Foundation, we are expanding access to care for U.S. veterans and their families. We amplify the positive impact we can have on communities across the country when we partner with premier organizations like Medtronic who have the same commitment to improving lives and advocating for better healthcare for all.”

Hogue said Medtronic’s position as a global leader in neurosurgical and spinal care technology already makes them a strong partner. Yet it is the company’s breadth of expertise and rich history of pioneering innovation in areas such as minimally invasive surgery and pain management that confirmed his belief Medtronic was the ideal partner to join Hall of Fame Health’s ecosystem of excellence.

“This partnership is an instrumental step in advancing the type of care we know we will need to elevate our impact and meet the greatest needs of our community,” Hogue said. “As the market leader in spinal surgery, Medtronic’s relationships with leading spinal surgeons are foundational to establishing a Spine Advisory Board that will help us identify key criteria for Spine Elite Care Center designations, a critical next step in advancing our mission.”

Three years following the organization’s inception, Hall of Fame Health has expanded its concierge services offering to include a full spectrum of physical health, mental health, behavioral health, and substance abuse services for those in need.

“It has been fantastic to see how far Hall of Fame Health has come over the past several years, growing their premier national provider partnerships and expanding their offering to additional populations in need,” said Skip Kiil, President of Medtronic’s Cranial and Spinal Technologies business, which is part of the company’s Neuroscience Portfolio. “We are honored to be involved in this partnership, which will expand access to quality neurosurgical and spinal care for elite athletes, in addition to veterans, their families, and our communities.”

Additionally, Hall of Fame Health is working on expanding its platform to collegiate alumni organizations and university athletic departments.

“Not only are the missions of our two organizations well aligned, but also the aspiration to advance our impact beyond what is possible today – to ask, ‘what if we could?’ – is how we will advance health equity and democratize care for all those who need it,” Kiil added. “We are thrilled to be aligned with a partner who shares our vision of transforming the standard of care while focusing on the wellbeing of the entire person.”

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