Jun 20, 2022

Health technology at the center of ‘Life Itself’

Geoff Martha showcases how AI, personalized care, and innovative therapies can bring better care to more patients.

Innovative therapies, personalized care, and suites of interconnected products are all part of the Medtronic vision for the future of healthcare technology.

Medtronic Chairman and CEO Geoff Martha recently shared what that future could look like at Life Itself, a high-profile event that celebrated extraordinary minds and ideas intersecting health and medicine. CNN’s Dr Sanjay Gupta and TEDMED co-creator Marc Hodosh hosted Life Itself, which drew presenters including Anthony Fauci, Deepak Chopra, Arianna Huffington, and actress Goldie Hawn.

adding value
Geoff Martha during Life Itself presentation

In a presentation at the event, Martha shared how Medtronic plans to use data and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable personalized, insight-driven care that leads to better outcomes for patients.

“While standardizing routine procedures makes sense, it’s just not enough if you have a condition that requires daily, ongoing attention,” Martha said. “Unlocking the full potential of data technology – in all its forms – can mean a patient no longer feels like a patient, but a person living their best life.”

Innovation on display

Medtronic gave Life Itself attendees an opportunity to experience some of its advanced innovations first-hand at a high-touch, interactive booth in the exhibit hall. That included performing simulated exercises on the Hugo™ robotic-assisted surgery (RAS) system, which is CE Marked for use in urologic and gynecologic procedures but not cleared or approved in the U.S.

The booth also debuted a custom video game aimed at educating attendees about a Medtronic gastrointestinal technology that helps doctors detect polyps during colonoscopies. In the video game, as players travel through a virtual colon, they blast away polyps and other potential hazards identified by the Medtronic GI-Genius™ Module, a computer-aided polyp detection system — powered by artificial intelligence.

“Video games are fun and addictive, and are a great way to illustrate a concept that we’re trying to drive through with some of our technologies,” said Dr. Austin Chiang, the Chief Medical Officer for the Medtronic Gastrointestinal business. “The artificial intelligence platform with GI Genius, which is an overlay onto colonoscopy, is already on the market, it’s available for physicians to use, and it’s really improving patient outcomes in our field.”

The four-day event at San Diego’s historic Hotel del Coronado served as an opportunity for Medtronic to showcase its commitment to addressing the healthcare challenges faced by our world.

“We’re here to learn, to share ideas, and to get the word out there that Medtronic is expanding our definition of engineering to include data science and digital technologies,” said Martha.


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