Feb 1, 2022

The power of zero: Medtronic releases Global ID&E 2021 Annual Report

How Medtronic is removing barriers to opportunity and advancing inclusion, diversity, and equity

Medtronic is working toward zero barriers to opportunity and equity. 

As the global leader in healthcare technology, Medtronic is building toward a future where it will more fully use all its assets as a company to advance equity in its workplace, industry, and communities. The company is making this commitment as it sees inclusion, diversity, and equity (ID&E) as key to the innovation it needs to deliver life-transforming products and therapies for more people around the globe.

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“Our ability to serve more patients is dependent on bringing diverse thinking to the table and, together, engineering extraordinary solutions,” said Chairman and CEO Geoff Martha.

The newly released Global Inclusion, Diversity & Equity 2021 Annual Report explores a multitude of ways Medtronic is working to advance the lofty and all-important goal of zero barriers, including:

  • Efforts to accelerate the pace of change with an evolved global strategy, new leader-led accountability measures and enhanced representation and inclusion aspirations.
  • Details on ways Medtronic is breaking down barriers including differentiated development opportunities, more equitable career pathways and pay equity achievements.
  • Examples of how Medtronic is amplifying its impact in communities and on real people. Those efforts include creating economic opportunities with a global supplier diversity program, engaging in unique partnerships to advance diversity in STEM, and addressing health disparities that have persisted for far too long.

“We have the collective power to drive lasting, systemic change,” said Dr. Sally Saba, chief inclusion and diversity officer.  “We do not take this responsibility lightly. We are determined to use our collective strength to advance equity and opportunity for all.”

For more information on this important call to action, and the real stories of people impacted through this work, read the Global ID&E 2021 Annual Report.