Bre Jacobs, Senior Research Program Manager

This International Women’s Day, I #ChooseToChallenge gender and racial inequality. I choose to challenge the notion that bold, confident women are aggressive. I challenge the idea that women can't rock stilettos AND lab coats. I challenge the idea that scientists and engineers don't look like me. I challenge the belief that intuitive female emotions have no place in business. I lead from the soul first, and as a scientist, in everything I do. I break down barriers every day as a Black female scientific program manager at Medtronic.

I address biases and welcome the difficult conversations that lead to change as a voice within the African Descent Network (ADN) and Black Engineers at Medtronic (BE@M). I stand up for girls and women and advocate for early STEM exposure through outreach programs like STEM Slumber Parties.

I am an example of what can be achieved when we choose to challenge.