May 9, 2024

Medtronic HealthCast™ intelligent patient monitoring receives 2024 MedTech Breakthrough Award as Best New Technology Solution - Monitoring

Medtronic plc, a global leader in healthcare technology, announced today its HealthCast™ intelligent patient monitoring is the winner of the 8th annual MedTech Breakthrough Awards for "Best New Technology Solution - Monitoring." MedTech Breakthrough is an independent market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies, and products in the global health and medical technology market. This year’s program attracted thousands of nominations from over 18 different countries across the globe.

HealthCast™ intelligent patient monitoring is a portfolio of remote monitoring, connectivity, and interoperable solutions that enable clinicians to continuously monitor patients from any location in the hospital. In the face of unprecedented staffing shortages nationwide and an increase in sicker patients being admitted to general care units, technology such as HealthCastTM intelligent patient monitoring can be a solution.1,2 The portfolio helps streamline clinical workflow, providing actionable insights which empower clinicians to proactively intervene and support personalized care.3

Deployment of automated vital sign monitoring and EMR integration, like those offered by HealthCastTM intelligent patient monitoring, can reduce manual charting time by more than 25,300 hours a year, providing the opportunity for a reduced burden on hospital care teams.4 Continuous remote monitoring of patient data streamlines hospital workflow by allowing nursing staff to prioritize care for patients who need it most, which can result in fewer rapid response team activations,5-7 fewer unplanned ICU admissions,6-8 a decrease in complication rates,9 and overall improved patient outcomes.5 All of which help hospitals effectively manage capacity and support patient safety, enabling clinicians to discharge patients with confidence.

“We are excited to further advance monitoring technologies. Our HealthCastTM portfolio will help improve clinical workflow, provide clinicians with insights to personalize care, and ultimately improve patient outcomes,” said Frank Chan, President of the Acute Care & Monitoring business at Medtronic. “We are proud to win the MedTech Breakthrough Award for technologies that make a positive impact on patient safety and help clinicians focus on the critical needs of each patient.”

The HealthCast™ portfolio includes:

  • BioButton®* multi-parameter wearable: designed for continuous vital sign monitoring of respiratory rate at rest, heart rate at rest, and skin temperature, along with a broad range of other biometrics, from in-hospital and hospital-to-home.
  • HealthCast™ Vital Sync™ remote patient monitoring: provides near real-time patient data and critical alarms on any web-enabled device or via the app. Automated charting into the EMR keeps patient data connected and accessible from anywhere.
  • HealthCast™ services: offers tailored support with device delivery and implementation, EMR connectivity, and more to seamlessly integrate patient monitoring technologies into your systems and workflows.

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