Oct 20, 2022

Growing up in health tech

Medtronic marketing specialist ‘destined to be here’

Kristina Swenson grew up in a family where Medtronic was a household name. Not only did several of her family members work for company, but both her grandpa and mom ended up needing Medtronic devices.

Kristina Swenson pictured with her grandpa
Kristina Swenson pictured with her grandpa

Her grandpa needed a Medtronic cryoablation — a therapy Swenson’s team works on that uses cold energy technology to treat atrial fibrillation, an abnormal heart rhythm. He also needed a Medtronic pacemaker, and her mom received the Reveal LINQ™ insertable cardiac monitor.

The 25-year-old traces her family’s relationship to Medtronic back to 1969, when her grandpa started here in finance.

He retired from Medtronic as a vice president when she was just 3 years old. But with an aunt and uncle working here and her father and mother in the healthcare industry, she grew up surrounded by healthcare technology.

“I was destined to be here,” she said.

The marketing specialist in Cardiac Ablations Solutions (CAS) brings a unique perspective to her role.

“I grew up hearing them [my family] talk about enjoying the work they did, and I also experienced first-hand what it is like to be a family member of someone needing a Medtronic therapy,” she said. “I have a different lens now, and it connects me even more to the work I’m doing.”

And that work is bringing healthcare technology to life for patients — specifically kids.

One of her first projects as a Medtronic employee was as product manager for the Freezor family of catheters where she got to work on pediatric approval from the FDA.

“We knew it was so important to the Mission,” she said. “And we got to do it for pediatrics, a really special patient population with a great need.”

That mindset is partly due to her grandpa’s influence.

“I remember him talking about the impact his job had. He has taught me to work hard and give back to the causes that are important to me,” she said.

Swenson’s story was recently highlighted in the World’s Best Workplaces recognition. Learn more about the award, including the methodology.

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