Sep 23, 2022

Dad or mentor? This Medtronic employee is both

Father and daughter inspire the extraordinary – together

This story is the first in an occasional series featuring the experiences of employees across the globe – and how they bring healthcare technology to life.

Kate Robbins joined Medtronic as an employee two years ago, but she became part of the Medtronic family when she was just 3 weeks old. Her dad, Peter Robbins, brought the newborn to the Medtronic Canada Holiday party.

The 23-year-old grew up hearing her dad – who’s worked here almost 25 years – recount patient stories after the annual Employee Holiday Program and watched as we grew from 50 to 600 employees in Canada.

“I always say that Medtronic got on my good side with Santa and cookie decorating, but as I got older, it showed how much they care about employees,” Kate said. “And then I joined the team and really see that culture of belonging and feel taken care of.”

Robbins with her dad and brother, decorating cookies at a Medtronic Canada Christmas party
Robbins with her dad and brother, decorating cookies at a Medtronic Canada Christmas party

Now they both work here: Kate in marketing for Cardiac Therapies & Diagnostics and Peter as the Integrated Business Planning Lead for Medtronic Canada.

Twice a week, Kate and Peter commute to the office together. But with Kate and her brother living with their parents after graduating from college, the family has also worked from home since the beginning of the pandemic.

“I’ll hear one of them open their office door and I know it’s time for a coffee break,” she said. “It’s our own version of chatting around the water cooler.”

Their working relationship has only made their bond as father and daughter stronger.

“Katie helps me out a lot more than I help her,” Peter said. “As a parent, it’s your responsibility to mentor your children, but it’s interesting to do it in context of Medtronic as well.”

The biggest thing Kate has learned working with her dad is to make sure her voice is heard.

“Often, I’m the youngest in room, and I have big shoes to fill,” she said of being a Robbins. “He’s taught me to not be afraid to speak up if I have something to say.”

Kate and Peter Robbins pictured together at the office
Kate and Peter Robbins pictured together at the office

She’s also grateful to be on a team that fosters belonging.

The family culture they have experienced, along with our commitments to inclusion, diversity, and equity (ID&E) are part of why Peter has grown his career here – and why Kate plans to.

“All the things that make me proud to work at Medtronic made me proud to have a daughter work here,” Peter said.

Medtronic Canada has been recognized as one of the Best Workplaces in Healthcare for the fourth consecutive year, after an independent analysis conducted by Great Place to Work®.

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