Apr 4, 2023

New Medtronic Technology Simplifies MRI Screening for Patients with Implanted Cardiac Devices

MRI Care Pathway can increase flexibility and efficiency with new tools developed to streamline workflow

Medtronic has announced the launch of MRI Care Pathway, a new system that can streamline the process of completing MRI scans for patients with Medtronic MRI compatible cardiac devices.

Research shows that 50-70% of all patients with a pacemaker or implantable cardioverter defibrillator system will require an MRI during their lifetime.1-2 Many of these patients, however, experience cancellations and delays when seeking the MRI scans they need due, in part, to the increased workload burden and expense associated with device checks prior to MRI scans.3

“While this technology has offered a huge improvement to my clinical workflow, its impact on my patients' experiences when getting an MRI has been more important,” said Peter Robertson, M.D., electrophysiologist at Ascension Saint Thomas Heart in Murfreesboro, Tenn.  “It allows rapid assurance at the time of the MRI that the scan can be completed safely. The patients can be confident they’re getting the right care, at the right time, and at an imaging center prepared to provide correct care for their device.”

The MRI Care Pathway includes a website and tablet-based application that healthcare providers can use to reduce potential scheduling delays during the MRI scan workflow. The app includes built-in safety features to alert MR technologists if an MRI scan cannot be safely performed.

Before the MRI Care Pathway, cardiologists, MR technologists, and/or clinic staff needed to coordinate to verify the MRI compatibility of a patient’s cardiac device. Now, clinicians can use the website to independently verify whether a patient’s Medtronic device is MRI compatible. If the patient’s Medtronic device is MRI compatible, the patient’s care team can immediately schedule their MRI appointment. At the patient’s MRI appointment, their MR technologist can use the app to automatically set the appropriate device parameters for a safe MRI scan. Following the scan, the MR technologist can use the app to return the patient to their cardiac device’s pre-scan settings. This pathway can enable increased flexibility and efficiency, allowing for timely patient access to MRI scans.

“Medtronic’s MRI Care Pathway is user-friendly and supports MR technologists in quickly conducting safe MRI scans for patients with Medtronic cardiac devices, which can ultimately reduce a patient’s time waiting for important imaging data,” said Jim Vogl, vice president of Patient Care Systems, Cardiac Rhythm Management, which is part of the Cardiovascular Portfolio at Medtronic. “It empowers clinicians and patients to focus on the care they need, the moment they need it.”   

The app is compatible with the Medtronic portfolio of SureScan™ devices, including pacemakers, cardiac resynchronization devices, implantable cardioverter defibrillators, and insertable cardiac monitor systems.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the application (app) and it is commercially available in the United States. For more information, please visit https://www.medtronic.com/mri-care/pathways.  

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