Apr 22, 2022

Medtronic Statement on Russia & Ukraine

Medtronic strongly condemns the Russian military invasion of Ukraine and advocates for peace. In accordance with our Mission, and as humanitarian exceptions to sanctions allow, we are continuing to support essential business activities that supply products to save and sustain lives of patients. However, we are limiting our business in the country to only those activities necessary to ensure the appropriate and safe use of these essential products. We are not making any new investments or conducting any promotional activities in Russia. We have also stopped enrollment in ongoing clinical trials, and we will not start any new clinical trials.  

Medtronic pledges our steadfast humanitarian support for Ukraine, the Ukrainian people, and our impacted colleagues. We have donated products worth USD $2.65 million to Ukraine, with additional donations underway. And to date, the Medtronic Foundation has activated more than USD $1 million in relief funds through emergency grants to global partners, including Project Hope, the International Medical Corps, and Americares.

As the world works to address the humanitarian crisis, Medtronic will remain focused on displaced individuals and communities in Ukraine and surrounding countries and look for ways to directly support their needs.