Feb 20, 2024

Ventilator Business Changes: February 2024

Medtronic will be winding down and exiting our ventilator product line. We are committed to honoring our service and support contract obligations for our ventilation customers worldwide throughout the ventilator service life. Medtronic will continue to sell some ventilators, on a limited basis, while quantities last.

We are incredibly proud of the rich legacy of the Puritan Bennett™ ventilators that have positively impacted patients over the years as well as the role our ventilation products and employees played in the COVID-19 pandemic response.

We expect that existing manufacturers, who today account for the majority of the market, can meet customer demand for new ventilators moving forward. However, we understand the impact this decision may have and are committed to partnering closely with you throughout this process.

Products to be discontinued include the Puritan Bennett™ 980 ventilator, Puritan Bennett™ 840 ventilator, and Puritan Bennett™ 500 series ventilator.


We invested in Medtronic ventilators. What service can I expect? 
As a valued Medtronic customer, you can expect to receive quality service and support at the level you are accustomed to, for the remaining service life of your Medtronic ventilation products.  

What happens to active service contracts in place with Medtronic? Will you continue to service ventilators already in use?
We are committed to supporting our ventilation customers and will continue to offer service and support for our existing install base throughout the ventilator service life. This commitment includes meeting current service contract obligations. In most cases, the service life of a product is defined as between 7-10 years from date of manufacture.

Can I still purchase a service agreement for my current ventilators?
Yes, Medtronic will continue to sell and renew Service Agreements for existing ventilation products.

Will Medtronic continue to provide clinical support?
Yes, Medtronic will continue to provide clinical support to our customers to meet our obligations per the terms of our agreements and contracts.

Can I still purchase ventilators?
Medtronic will continue to sell some ventilators, on a limited basis, while local quantities last.

Is the decision to exit the ventilator business the result of product quality concerns? 
No. This is related to the market preference shift to lower acuity ventilators.

Can I still order supplies and accessories for the ventilators we own?
Yes, Medtronic will continue to sell consumables and accessories for use with our ventilation products as well as most other ventilation products on the market. Continuity of availability of our breathing and airway systems products remain unimpacted.

Have Questions?
Customers with questions should reach out to their local representative or Medtronic U.S. Ventilator Customer Service at 800-255-6774 option 1. For inquiries outside of the U.S. please contact your local sales representative.


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