Apr 28, 2021

Making the impossible, possible through artificial intelligence

Bob White discusses how AI is transforming the future of healthcare at a virtual summit

Artificial intelligence (AI) plays an important role in our daily lives. It does everything from dictating content on our social media feeds to determining how digital assistants like Alexa and Siri answer questions.

Bob White

And now, AI is playing an increasingly important role within the medical technology industry, says Bob White, Executive Vice President and President of the Medical Surgical Portfolio at Medtronic.

Recently, White served as one of the keynote speakers of the three-day virtual event ‘Fierce Medtech Innovation Week’ sponsored by Fierce Electronics and Fierce Lifesciences . The annual event featured dozens of speakers addressing topics such as telehealth, the rise of wearables, and technology fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic

White’s keynote address focused on the profound potential AI holds to supercharge the access, speed, accuracy, and quality of diagnostic and therapeutic decision making in healthcare. At Medtronic, AI is enabling the development of several “smart” medical devices designed to address some of society’s most persistent and expensive health problems.

From robotic-assisted surgical systems to the only commercially available intelligent endoscopy module, Medtronic devices are at the forefront of an AI revolution in healthcare.

“We are at the beginning of yet another transformation in healthcare technology,” White said in a FierceElectronics article promoting his keynote. “With the introduction of artificial intelligence applied to our medical devices, the possibility for improving patient lives has reached an entirely new level. We are experiencing where the impossible is becoming possible right now.”

To listen to White’s keynote address, please go here.

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