Aug 27, 2020

Healthier Together Series: Staying Well While Staying Put

Amidst a pandemic, new work routines help employees focus on healthy living.

August 27, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new and unstable world. But that doesn’t mean healthy habits need to fall by the wayside. A new series launched this month, Healthier Together dives into how Medtronic employees around the globe are making positive lifestyle changes during the pandemic. In each article, we’ll highlight how individuals are leading, living, and working differently in these challenging times.

Sheri Lewis
Sheri Lewis

Sheri Lewis is Vice President Global Operations for the Medtronic Minimally Invasive Therapies Group. She recently shared how the pandemic has allowed her to focus on new healthy lifestyle habits, including a different relationship with food. Lewis was featured in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal(opens new window), where she described how this transformation came to be and what exactly her new, healthier lifestyle entails.

Before the global outbreak, Lewis spent nearly half her time travelling for work, which made finding time to prioritize her health incredibly challenging. Lewis acknowledged that being on the road made eating healthy very difficult — but that has all changed since March.

Lewis has since developed a “changed relationship with food,” and her new healthy habits include planning out meals for the week; getting in at least 10,000 steps a day; and attending fitness classes three times per week at a small gym that recently reopened near her home.

She admits that it will be challenging to continue focusing on her health like she has recently if her travel schedule returns to what it was pre-COVID-19. However, she’s hoping to approach work travel differently, taking into consideration where and how her meetings will be conducted, as well as maintaining her new routines.

Like Lewis, many Medtronic employees have made great changes in their daily lives since the start of the pandemic. While there are plenty of challenges to face, it also provides the opportunity for many to make conscious lifestyle changes and be Healthier Together. Lewis is walking proof.