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  • TiMesh
    Sep 18, 2020

    Information on the Duet™ External Drainage and Monitoring System used for the management of short-term external cerebrospinal fluid drainage from either the ventricles of the brain or the sub-arachnoid lumbar space, and the TiMesh® system line of plates, screws and meshes for use in bony reconstructive cranial neurosurgical procedures.

  • graphic of spine
    Sep 18, 2020

    Information about a series of minimally invasive spinal surgery advances developed by Medtronic Sofamor Danek, which define a new direction for spinal surgery by allowing surgeons to perform surgery through incisions less than an inch in length while leaving muscle virtually intact. Products under the MAST banner include the CD HORIZON® SEXTANT™ Spinal System for spinal fusion, METRx™ MicroDiscectomy System for herniated discs and CD HORIZON® ECLIPSE® Spinal System for scoliosis.

  • hand with tweezers and medical device
    Sep 18, 2020

    Information about the use of INFUSE® Bone Graft with the LT-CAGE® Lumbar Tapered Fusion Device to treat degenerative disc disease; it's estimated that, in 2002, more than 190,000 Americans will undergo lumbar spinal fusion surgeries to ease their debilitating back pain and get them back on their feet. INFUSE® Bone Graft contains recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein (rhBMP-2), the genetically engineered version of a naturally occurring protein that is capable of initiating bone growth, or bone regeneration, in specific, targeted areas in the spine. Using INFUSE® Bone Graft with the LT-CAGE® device in spine surgery reduces the pain and complications associated with treating degenerative disc disease by eliminating the second surgery required to harvest bone from a patient’s hip, as is done in traditional spinal fusion procedures.

  • blue medtronic logo with white text
    Sep 18, 2020

    Information about INFUSE® Bone Graft for use in the treatment of acute, open tibia fractures in adults.

  • blood pressure sleeve
    Sep 18, 2020

    Information about renal denervation, an investigational treatment for uncontrolled hypertension in the United States. Renal denervation is not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Its use in the United States is limited by U.S. law to clinical studies approved by the FDA.

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