How Medtronic Neurovascular is deploying Avail Medsystems to improve care and accelerate innovation

December 15, 2022

Dan Volz, president of the neurovascular business at Medtronic, lays out the dire facts regarding stroke. Less than 10 percent of the 15 million strokes that occur each year worldwide are treated, and the number of strokes grows by 10% each year. Medtronic, the largest supplier of neurovascular devices in the world, knows the power of connectivity will help bring more care access. In this episode, we’ll explore Medtronic’s new agreement with Avail Medsystems, which sells access to a network of communication devices that provide audio and video connection to operating rooms. Avail CEO Daniel Hawkins joins in on the conversation explaining how Avail can facilitation collaboration between surgeons, speed training on new life-saving devices, and even help engineers observe procedures so they can develop new critical tools. The pair will discuss how Medtronic is using Avail’s products day-to-day as well as part of the company’s new Co-Lab Platform to help those developing new neurovascular products outside of Medtronic.

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