Dec 12, 2022

Medtronic employees create art inspired by healthcare technology

From ice crystals to lung tissue, company employees turn their scientific endeavors into stunning works of art

Albert Einstein once observed that the greatest scientists are often artists as well. That’s certainly true at Medtronic where several engineers, scientists, and researchers recently competed in a company-wide art contest.

The annual Art Within Science Contest at Medtronic showcases works of art that are inspired by employees’ day-to-day work in the research and design of healthcare technology.

Artwork was reviewed by a panel and judging was based on artistic merit such as overall impression, contrast/color, and composition. In addition to the juried artwork, there was also a People’s Choice award voted on by participants of the company’s annual science and technology conference.

“There’s a lot more creativity in science than people realize,” said Abby Lawrence, Senior Scientist for Core Technologies, who was a part of the team that organized Art Within Science contest.

Take a look at some of the Art Within Science entries from 2022 below.


First Place

“A Garden of Eden”

Artists: Nicole Kirchhof, Louanne Cheever, Jessica Zimmer

The histological "Movat stain" vividly colors at least five different cell and tissue components as depicted here for a lung sample. The complicated lung morphology with its various components of airways and blood vessels is one of the few locations in the body where this half-century old stain unfolds the full spectrum of its beauty. The artists describe the image as, “Undoubtedly, a feast for the eyes as it visualizes a ‘Garden of Eden.’”


Second place

“Image of a Mouse Cell Reaching out on Raptor Granules”

Artists: Cindy Ogden, Ping Li, Ian Dunkley, Hannah Jeffers, Margaret Broz

This image shows a cell from a mouse on a calcium phosphate surface. A Medtronic team was looking at how cells adhered to a newly developed synthetic bone graft.


Third place

“Scratching the Surface”

Artist: Margaret Broz

This scanning electron microscope image shows debris on the surface of an implantable device after performance testing.  Coated with an isolating layer to protect titanium-sensitive patients, this test demonstrates the excellent adhesion between the coating and the metal below.


People’s Choice Award

“The Tulip”

Artist: Mohammad Miri

This 3D image was captured by a Medtronic team developing a device to help control bleeding. The image is the result of modeling and simulation of a patented bleeding control handpiece.


“Arterial Love”

Artist: Carlos Lima

This is an image of a dehydrated renal artery shaped like a heart captured by a Medtronic team reviewing histology slides.


“Wavy Collagen”

Artists: Alfonso Santiago and Andrew Francis

This is a tissue from a pig’s heart as seen by through second harmonic generation imaging.


“Frozen Breath”

Artists: Sarah Ahlberg and Nic Coulombe

This is an image of ice crystals forming within bronchi. The artists remarked, “Living in Minnesota and Montreal, snowflakes and ice crystals are a common occurrence, but every once in awhile, when you take a minute and really look at how delicate they are, it’s really breathtaking.”


“Planetary Formations”

Artists: Olga Furman and Jennifer Strehlau

This is a closeup image captured during design development of an adhesive used to treat varicose veins.


“First Sign of Winter”

Artist: Andrew Francis

This is an image of salt crystal taken using scanning electron microscopy on a battery.