Salmon Talks Acquisitions, Blackstone, the FDA, and Why Medtronic is in Diabetes for the Long Haul

June 15, 2021

Sean Salmon, Executive Vice President and President, Diabetes Operating Unit, says Medtronic’s diabetes unit is reinvigorated by acquisitions, new internally developed products and a partnership with a private equity giant.

As the Diabetes business, we understand that diabetes comes with a heavy mental burden. Our job is to do everything we can to ease that burden and try to make the disease as invisible as we can. In this MedtronicTalks podcast episode, Salmon explains why the diabetes community is excited about Medtronic’s pipeline and what the company is doing to meet those higher expectations.

Medtronic has made some strategic acquisitions over recent years – especially for our Diabetes business. First, we acquired Nutrino and Klue to enable the future of diabetes therapy through artificial intelligence. Nutrino helps us improve our predictive analytic capabilities around mealtimes and helps with the identification of what’s being consumed with greater accuracy. Klue’s gesture technology helps identify when that food is being consumed. Most recently, we acquired Companion Medical which provides an incredible opportunity to meet the needs of more people living with diabetes. By adding InPen to our portfolio, we can now address patients who choose multiple daily injections (MDI) instead of automated insulin delivery.

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