Mar 26, 2024

What’s the future of AI? Find out in ‘The Futurist’

Watch educators, influencers, and a Medtronic chief medical officer discuss one of the most pressing topics of today

What happens when a chief medical officer, a tech influencer, and a math teacher come together to debate the future of artificial intelligence?

Discover the similarities – and differences – between each industry’s approach to AI in the premier episode of The Futurist.

The Futurist brings together influencers and tech experts to discuss the most pressing topics of today. And as they debate the future, guests compete against each other in a block-stacking game.

Guests in the AI episode include:

  • Dr. Austin Chiang, Chief Medical Officer of Endoscopy at Medtronic
  • Sophie Theodorou, a math teacher, AI educator, and influencer
  • Riley Brown, an AI educator and influencer

Watch the first episode below to learn more about everything from AI in healthcare to chatbot naming.


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