Oct 18, 2022

Medtronic leverages data science to launch first-of-its-kind personalized insights program for people living with diabetes

Medtronic plc, the global leader in medical technology, is introducing a new program called My Insights exclusively made for individuals using the MiniMed™ 770G system. Using an individual's...

DUBLIN, Oct. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Medtronic plc, the global leader in medical technology, is introducing a new program called My Insights exclusively made for individuals using the MiniMed™ 770G system. Using an individual's data, My Insights relies on the power of data science to provide personalized tips, trends, and reminders that customers can use to help with their diabetes management goals. The My Insights personalized recommendations are shared via a monthly email with educational content that is most relevant based on what an individual may currently be experiencing.  

My Insights exclusively made for individuals using the MiniMed™ 770G system

This is the first program in diabetes management that goes beyond generalized tips and instead shares personalized suggestions using data from an integrated pump system.

The launch of this program adds to a list of first-of-its-kind innovations and programs that Medtronic has brought to its patients to augment their diabetes management. This includes the first system to integrate insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors (CGM), the first technology to suspend insulin delivery and reduce severe lows, the first Smart Insulin Pen, the first system to automatically adjust background insulin, the first stand-alone CGM with predictive alerts, and the first extended infusion set for up to seven days of wear. 

"With diabetes, I have a lot to keep track of to stay healthy. My Insights provides me with personalized tips on how to improve the experience of my MiniMed 770G pump system," said Melanie Licnerski who has been using Medtronic technology for over two decades. "I did not expect the emotion I got from the encouragement that My Insights provides. I didn't realize that was something I was missing and really appreciated." 

By proactively identifying challenges and helping to celebrate successes, My Insights adds to the experience MiniMed 770G system provides to customers. The MiniMed 770G pump system, which is available to people living with diabetes who are ages two and above, uses self-adjusting technology to help prevent highs and lows in blood glucose levels by automatically adjusting insulin delivery every 5 minutes to adapt to an individual's unique needs.* It also uses smart phone connectivity to view, share, and automatically upload insulin and CGM data, and provides access to future innovations via software upgrades. 

"Our goal is to make life easier for individuals living with diabetes," said Que Dallara, executive vice president & president, Medtronic Diabetes. "As we continue our journey towards a fully automated insulin delivery system, we want to surround our customers with holistic support and empower them with tools to help them achieve their goals. Diabetes is deeply personal and unique for every individual, and we're pleased to offer this level of personalization." 

My Insights is available in the U.S. to those who use the MiniMed 770G system. Users can opt-in to receive My Insights emails at Diabetes.shop. 

*Refers to SmartGuard™ Auto Mode. Some user interaction required. Individual results may vary. 

About the Diabetes Business at Medtronic (www.medtronicdiabetes.com)  
Medtronic is working together with the global community to change the way people manage diabetes. The company aims to transform diabetes care by expanding access, integrating care and improving outcomes, so people living with diabetes can enjoy greater freedom and better health.  

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