Oct 12, 2017

New Innovation Center Looks To Advance Healthcare In China

The facility will focus on expanding expertise, providing innovative training, and improving the local healthcare industry in rural parts of the country.

October 10, 2017 – A one-of-a-kind Innovation Center is coming to Central and Western China and is expected to make a big impact on healthcare.

“We are ready and eager to continue working with partners in China to explore and solve the country’s healthcare challenges,” says Chris Lee, President of Medtronic Greater China.

In October, Medtronic leaders participated in a groundbreaking ceremony and announced plans to open the center in the year 2020. The facility will serve as a critical hub for training physicians and improving local care.

The Innovation Center, in Chengdu, will be uniquely located to serve the needs of Central and Western China. Compared to more developed countries, the region lacks sufficient clinical training for healthcare professionals. Currently, the number of on-the-job medical training organizations in the western region is half of what is offered in the country’s eastern regions.1

"The China market presents one of the greatest opportunities for Medtronic,” said Lee. “With the new Medtronic Innovation Center in Chengdu, we will strengthen and advance the vital healthcare industry through collective insights, expertise, and skills."

Lee also believes the center will offer more resources to “mobilize local medical workers to participate in key healthcare initiatives.”

Leveraging Medtronic technology and clinical expertise, the center will provide world-class training programs across diverse disciplines, including surgery, minimally invasive surgery, intensive care, internal medicine and anesthetics. Disease areas such as cardiovascular, tumors, respiratory, nervous system, gastrointestinal, and renal diseases will be of particular focus. The center will also be equipped with cutting-edge simulation systems and equipment, helping to improve clinical skills.

"Medtronic understands the critical role that rural physicians play in driving healthcare availability and transformation,” says Medtronic Chairman and CEO Omar Ishrak. “As such, we hope to support the growth and development of medical workers in China's vast central and western regions and enhance their clinical skills to benefit more patients.”

Within five years of operation, Medtronic projects the Innovation Center in Chengdu will train approximately 7,000 healthcare professionals annually.

1China Health and Family Planning Statistical Yearbook 2016