May 23, 2024

Medtronic announces clinical studies underway for two additional indications for Hugo™ RAS system in the U.S.

The company is pursuing hernia and gynecology indications along with urology as it progresses plans to bring choice in robotic surgery technology and partnership to the U.S. Medtronic, a global...

The company is pursuing hernia and gynecology indications along with urology
as it progresses plans to bring choice in robotic surgery technology
and partnership to the U.S.

Medtronic, a global healthcare technology leader, today announced hernia and gynecologic studies are underway in support of planned submissions to the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the Hugo™ robotic-assisted surgery (RAS) system.  

Medtronic is now pursuing three indications in parallel for the Hugo™ RAS system in the world’s largest robotic surgery market, while the company continues to build momentum outside the U.S. with its install base growing across 25 countries on five continents and over 100 independent scientific publications globally.

The Enable Hernia Repair U.S. clinical trial commenced with a robotic-assisted bilateral inguinal hernia repair procedure performed by Jacob Greenberg, MD, the trial national principal investigator, at Duke University Hospital in Durham, N.C.

“Our team is committed to exploring new technologies to advance care for patients,” Dr. Greenberg said. “This clinical trial aims to evaluate a new robotic-assisted surgery system in offering a precise and minimally invasive option for this painful condition, which affects millions of Americans every year.”

As a form of minimally invasive surgery, robotic-assisted procedures offer patients fewer complications, shorter hospital stays, and faster return to normal activities.1-3,†

The Enable Hernia Repair clinical trial is a prospective, multicenter study evaluating the safety and performance of the Hugo™ RAS system in support of a planned submission to the FDA. The Expand URO clinical trial, for urologic procedures, is nearing completion.

Medtronic also announced today that it has begun a prospective clinical study for gynecologic procedures in support of a planned submission to the FDA.

“Medtronic is committed to providing safe and effective healthcare technology that helps clinicians advance patient care,” said Eric Vang, PhD, MPH, vice president of Clinical Research and Medical Science in the Surgical business, part of the Medical Surgical portfolio at Medtronic. “Hugo™ builds on that commitment as we combine the power and potential of people and technology to drive healthcare forward for all.”

Medtronic thoughtfully designed the Hugo™ RAS system — through collaboration with hundreds of surgeons and hospital leaders globally — to expand access to minimally invasive care to more patients around the world. The Hugo™ RAS system brings the precision, dexterity, ergonomics, and visualization benefits of RAS together in a modular system that provides flexibility and an open surgeon console that supports communication among the surgical team. The Hugo™ RAS system is available with Medtronic's Touch Surgery™ Ecosystem, which seamlessly integrates simulations, surgical video, remote streaming, performance insights, and case management solutions into the surgical workflow.

The Hugo™ RAS system is not cleared or approved in all markets. Regulatory requirements of individual countries and regions will determine approval, clearance, or market availability. In the U.S., the Hugo™ RAS system is an investigational device not for sale.

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†Compared to open surgery.
‡Touch Surgery™ is not intended to direct surgery, or aid in diagnosis or treatment of a disease or condition; Live Stream and performance insights are only intended for education and training purposes.

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