Oct 10, 2023

Building a more sustainable future

Stories from our latest Sustainability Report

The world continues to grapple with new and evolving challenges. But with each challenge comes the opportunity to reinvent and innovate for people and the planet. Our latest Sustainability Report outlines our work to make progress on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. 

Here are four stories that highlight our work to support our global communities: 

1. Accelerating access to healthcare 

Medtronic LABS accelerates access to healthcare in underserved communities around the world through technology. And now, the code behind its digital health platform SPICE is open source — making it available to anyone and searchable in the United Nations Development Program Digital X Solution Catalogue. Read about how LABS is also broadening its scope to expand access.  

2. Supporting conservation from the heart 

Every year, our therapies improve the lives of over 70 million people. Since 1999, we have also helped a different type of patient: wild animals. Tim Laske, Ph.D., Vice President of Research in Medtronic Cardiac Ablation Solutions, has combined his passions for engineering and wildlife biology to co-develop the Rhythm of Life study in partnership with the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and the Conservation Biology Institute. The program donates Reveal LINQ™ Insertable Cardiac Monitors (ICM) to support species conservation efforts. In our 2023 fiscal year alone, Tim and team deployed 85 ICMs for 11 species of varying shapes and sizes, ranging from jaguars to penguins. Read more about how we’re supporting wildlife conservation.

3. Building communities with diverse suppliers 

We know that diverse-owned* suppliers bring varied perspectives that help us better serve patients. And we have a role to play in helping those suppliers thrive. Springfield Spring and Stamping is a supplier of precision mechanical springs, wire forms, and stampings, which are used in many of our products. They knew obtaining corporate clients was key to growth. The owner, Norman Rodrigues, connected with the Medtronic Hispanic Latino Network, which helped guide the company to successfully meet our stringent criteria for quality, innovation, and supply chain standards. Read more about our partnership with Springfield Spring
* We define U.S. diverse suppliers as those owned by women, people from ethnically diverse groups, people with disabilities, LGBTQ+ individuals, veterans, and those located in historically underutilized or disadvantaged business zones 

Co-Lab participants at summit
At a summit in August, Co-Lab participants exchanged ideas about advancements in stroke treatment.

4. Accelerating innovation in stroke care 

Last year, we launched the Medtronic Neurovascular Co-LabTM Platform, a virtual portal to accelerate innovation in stroke treatment by inviting doctors, individual inventors, entrepreneurs, startup companies, or anyone else passionate about improving stroke care to submit their ideas.  We received numerous submissions for groundbreaking innovations and invited a select group to present at the Co-Lab summit in August. The result was a rich forum for discussion and exchanging ideas that will advance what we know about stroke treatment. Read more about the launch of the Co-Lab Platform

Read moreabout our year-round sustainability efforts and impact in the full 2023 Sustainability Report and highlights.

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