Jul 22, 2016

"The Horn" Nears Completion

Crews readying iconic sculpture on Medtronic Plaza for August 28 debut when Vikings take the field for the first time.

Minneapolis, Minn., – July 22, 2016 - “The Horn” is nearly complete.

Construction teams from MG McGrath placed the last steel ribbons on the monument on Medtronic Plaza outside U.S. Bank Stadium the week of July 17. The steel ribbons are now welded into place; lights, paint and a mirrored finish on the inside of the ribbons that will allow visitors to see their reflections will  be completed before the Vikings first home preseason game on August 28.

“It’s been an incredible journey to see this monument move from concept to reality,” said Rob Clark, VP of Global Communications at Medtronic. “It’s hard to get the full impact of the monument in pictures but it’s truly impressive and unique.  We’re extremely grateful for all of the hard work that’s gone into building this monument and we’ll be excited to see all of the finishing touches in place here very soon.”

Although “The Horn” looks like one giant, continuous work of art, it was actually hand-crafted in pieces by MG McGrath crews in Maplewood, Minn., and then shipped to the stadium on the back of semi-trucks in 13 pieces, weighing a total of 38 tons. Cranes lifted each piece into place and then workers welded them together. The top of the artistic monument stands 25 feet above Medtronic Plaza and measures 107 feet from end to end. More than four dozen workers put in 16-hour shifts during the last week to finish the project on time.

Funded by Medtronic as a part of the company's community sponsorship at U.S. Bank Stadium and designed by Minneapolis-based design firm Alliiance, the monument bears a resemblance to the Gjallarhorn, the famous horn from Norse mythology and a symbol of the Minnesota Vikings.  The flowing, intertwined ribbons are meant to represent the spirit of partnership and progress in the community.

Construction of “The Horn” is part of Medtronic’s ten-year partnership with the Vikings, which also includes sponsoring the three-acre Medtronic Plaza directly in front of the stadium, the Medtronic Club inside the stadium, and a community service program with the team.