May 3, 2017

DiversityInc Recognizes Medtronic In Annual 'Top 50' List

The honor highlights Medtronic’s commitment to global inclusion and diversity.

At a recent Hispanic and Latino Leadership Summit for Medtronic leaders, employee Sandra Henderson says she felt an overwhelming sense of pride.

“There’s a sense of community here,” said Henderson, a customer experience and design specialist at Medtronic. “We are having conversations about career development and how Latin Americans can make a difference within the company.”

It’s conversations like this that are being recognized.

Announced in May, DiversityInc has again named Medtronic to its list of the top companies recognized for being leaders in diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The publication placed Medtronic #46 in the annual Top 50 list.

The list is determined based on information submitted by participating organizations with at least 1,000 employees. Companies in the Top 50 list demonstrate leadership in four key areas: Talent Pipeline, Equitable Talent Development, CEO/Leadership Commitment, and Supplier Diversity.

“Our commitment to global inclusion and diversity is a reflection of our fundamental belief that diverse people and perspectives result in better decisions and outcomes,” says Carol Surface, Chief Human Resources Officer at Medtronic. “This focus is very consistent with the fifth tenet of the Medtronic Mission – to recognize the personal worth of all employees.”

“This focus is very consistent with the fifth tenet of the Medtronic Mission – to recognize the personal worth of all employees.”

Carol Surface, Chief Human Resources Officer at Medtronic


Medtronic strives to engage employees at all levels of the organization to ensure an inclusive culture. The company has launched formal Diversity Networks, which include a global Medtronic Women’s Network with more than 60 hubs around the world, and U.S. based networks representing Asian, African, and Hispanic/Latino descent employees. Medtronic also has numerous employee resource groups (ERGs) to support local communities and cultures. 

Hooman Hakami is the Executive Vice President and Group President of Medtronic Diabetes, but that’s not his only role. He also serves as the executive sponsor of the Medtronic Women’s Network.

“Healthcare – from our patients to those who provide care – is global, connected, and diverse,” he says. “Diverse perspectives, backgrounds, ideas, and thoughts will get us closer to our customers, connect us with our communities, and generate the best ideas. If someone isn’t driving diversity, they aren’t helping Medtronic succeed.”

This perspective resonates throughout the company.

“Leading and creating engaged and inclusive organizations has a direct impact on our overall results,” says Sheri Henck, Vice President of Global Supply Chain and Distribution and a member of the Medtronic Women’s Network Leadership Team. “Having employees feel heard and valued achieves results.”

And as Medtronic continues to make diversity and inclusion a top priority, Surface believes good things will happen.

“Creating an inclusive culture where talent with diversity of thought, experience, background, and perspectives thrives means we are more innovative. That innovation leads to better solutions for our patients and communities–and allows us to better fulfill our Mission,” says Surface.

To formulate the Top 50 list, DiversityInc looks at more than 1,800 companies around the world.