Jun 28, 2024

What will robots do next? Find out in ‘The Futurist’

Watch experts in robotics, automation, and a Medtronic chief scientist discuss one of the most pressing topics of today

What happens when a professor in robot vision, an intelligent automation expert, and a robot maker come together to debate the future of robotics?  

To get their take on how these mechanical marvels will revolutionize business and healthcare, watch the robotics episode of “The Futurist.” 

The Futurist brings together influencers and tech experts to discuss the most pressing topics of today. And as they debate the future, guests compete against each other in a block-stacking game. 

Guests in the AI episode include: 

  • Rafa Domene, intelligent automation expert 
  • Danail Stoyanov, chief scientist at Medtronic and a professor of robotics  
  • Danny Lum, an engineer and gaming professional who 3D prints robots 

Watch the robotics episode below:


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