Jan 30, 2023

Advocating for Trinity: A family’s journey

Rita Higgins' experience getting her daughter care inspires her work at Medtronic

Trinity Baby

Rita Higgins developed a passion for patient advocacy after her experience navigating the medical system. She knew something was wrong with her newborn daughter, Trinity, but her instincts were dismissed as those of an anxious first-time mom. Months later, doctors finally found holes in Trinity’s heart, a defect called ventricular septal defect (VSD). Her type of VSD is so severe its nickname is Swiss cheese VSD.  

Getting Trinity the care she needed inspired Rita to become a nurse – and to then join Medtronic. One day at a work training, Rita had an “aha” moment: She realized her present-day role at Medtronic was connected to a time years earlier, when she sat in a hospital room with her daughter. This realization changed how she sees her work and inspires her to this day.  

Chapter 1

As a first-time mom, Rita had a lot of new things to worry about. But watching her newborn daughter, Trinity, breathe too fast and not gain enough weight were her biggest concerns. Rita’s gut told her something was wrong, but doctors dismissed her concerns until Trinity’s two-month check-up confirmed her fear.