Feb 7, 2023

Life after AFib: How one patient is using his second chance at life

Tim Berry battled addiction for years. Could a heart condition rob him of the healthy life he had worked so hard to build?

Part 2: The Recovery

Many addicts eventually have a wake-up call, a moment in time when the emotional cost of addiction simply isn’t worth it anymore. But not Berry.  

His road to recovery was filled with agonizing relapses and hopeful restarts. His wife, Berniece, endured the ups and downs, hopeful that the good-natured man she met at his auto body shop years ago would eventually emerge from the darkness. It was Berniece who encouraged Berry to do something good with the life he had left, maybe even volunteer at the André House, a ministry serving the homeless and poor in Phoenix.  

Tim understood the fine line that separates the homeless from everyone else. One bad decision and you cross that line. As an addict, he came dangerously close. But Berry, now 43, was finally sober and getting physically healthy.  

And for the first time in a long time, he had hope.  


Watch more of Tim’s story below: