Feb 7, 2023

Life after AFib: How one patient is using his second chance at life

Tim Berry battled addiction for years. Could a heart condition rob him of the healthy life he had worked so hard to build?

Part 5: The Ripple Effect

When Berry thinks about his life, he often imagines throwing a rock in a pond and watching the ripples fan out across the water. After his cryoablation procedure, Tim poured himself into the non-profit he founded, Hope for the Homeless. Over the past 12 years, the group’s volunteers have served well over 120,000 individual meals to Phoenix’s most needy residents. That’s the first ripple. By feeding people and giving them personal care products, Berry knows he’s putting them on the path to self-dignity and making their own contributions to the local community. That’s the second ripple. You get the idea. 

“I believe I am doing what God has called me to do,” Tim says. “I don’t think of it as volunteering anymore. It’s just my life. And it’s a really good life.” 


Watch more of Tim’s story below: