Feb 7, 2023

Life after AFib: How one patient is using his second chance at life

Tim Berry battled addiction for years. Could a heart condition rob him of the healthy life he had worked so hard to build?

Part 3: The Setback

Working with the homeless transformed Berry spiritually and physically. Prayer and exercise replaced old vices. He lost weight and built muscle, dropping down to about 15% body fat. He even became a serious bodybuilder and won his age division in a national competition.  

Every day in the gym, he pushed his body to its limits, measuring his heart rate obsessively. His heart rate monitor helped him realize his heartbeat started staying elevated long after he was done exercising. He knew his body well enough to be worried.  

After all that he went through to get to this point in his life, was another setback just around the corner? 


Watch more of Tim’s story below: